Not just a pretty face

We love to do things with our cairns, and they love it too. Cairns can do anything - tracking, obedience, rally, earthdog, and agility! The owners just need a good sense of humor and the right attitude. You never know which cairn will show up - one day he may get High In Trial (like Ozzie did!)  - the next time around; he might leave the ring to inspect something before continuing the off-leash heel. This is a dog meant to think for himself and the cairn will always weigh other factors: extenuating circumstances like something better to do, or just grumpy today, or it's raining and quite ridiculous to lie down on wet grass. We have learned to use lots of motivation (food usually), praise, minimal corrections and minimize practice. It is of course important to make your dog do what you ask. Once a cairn does it correctly, don't continue; they will consider the thing dull. If you have some lackluster performances; give it a break and return to the activity some months later. It also works well to take turns practicing - with lots of rewards- with one cairn while the others watch and get jealous.

HIT Ch Kohomua the Wiz of Kali CD

2015 CTCA Versatility awards! Tucker - gold, Maggie - silver, Molly - silver, Jax - bronze, Pepper- bronze


Rally and Obedience