FOUR new titles! 
1) Molly, age 13, Preferred Novice (PCD). This was Molly's last obedience trial before retirement. 
2) Maggie, 6 years, Rally Advanced (RA). Maggie also got a leg in Beginner Novice B. 
3) Winnie, 11 months, Rally Novice (RN). Winnie also got a leg in Rally Advanced.That is off-leash. She was cute going through the course- she chased a ball of fur, stood on her back legs to inspect a hole in the wall, went off course to sniff a dead moth, and picked up the toy in the figure eight distraction and carried it around - twice.  Definitely winner in the entertainment category. 
4) Mimzie, 11 months,  Rally Novice (RN). 
Devo, the 1 year old whippet, got two legs for Rally Novice.  
Pepper came in season and couldn't play. Jax had learning experiences.  

Obedience: Two qualifying scores, and two rosettes. Rally: Seven qualifying scores and six rosettes.

July Cairn Specialty Shows

We had a fabulous time at the Columbia River Cairn Terrier Club specialty, Cairn Terrier Club of America Roving nationals, and Portland supported entry. Mimzie got second in her class the roving nationals and fourth in her class at the Portland show. Winnie got a fourth and third in her sweeps classes, third at the roving nationals, and second at the Portland show .Mimzie and Winnie both gave two qualifying rally novice performances - but Mimzie was stripped of one Q due to an unfortunate potty emergency on the way out of the ring.